The One

by Chris Jasper

Released 2014
Gold City Records, Inc.
Released 2014
Gold City Records, Inc.
Soulful R&B and Funk music makes its comeback with the release of a new CD "THE ONE" by legendary songwriter, producer, keyboardist, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member and recent Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient CHRIS JASPER.
CHRIS JASPER is the primary songwriter and arranger for the ISLEY BROTHERS during their gold and platinum years, from the "3+3" album (1973) through "Between The Sheets" album (1983) and the spinoff group ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY with whom Chris most notably wrote and sang lead on the international hit song "Caravan of Love."

"THE ONE" is Chris's 11th solo album since his time with the ISLEYS. His arrangements and instrumentation as a classically-trained musician, and his expertise on the keyboards and synthesizers, have been called the foundation of the unique and legendary “Isley Brothers Sound” of the "3 + 3 era"

"THE ONE" includes 10 tracks of soulful ballads and uptempo funk reminiscent of the chart-topping music CHRIS JASPER wrote for the ISLEY BROTHERS during their most successful time period. CHRIS JASPER continues this musical tradition with his new release, "THE ONE"

'THE ONE" starts off with the recently released title track, "THE ONE", a soulful ballad featuring Chris's classic keyboards and soulful lead vocals delivering a beautiful message of love. "THE ONE" quickly caught the attention of soul fans everywhere and has been called the "perfect wedding song"

Among the 10 tracks on the new CD include soulful songs such as "STILL IN LOVE", a powerhouse, showstopping ballad that begins with the classical keyboard intro that Chris is so well known for and drops into a slow R&B groove that pulls you in and keeps you wanting more; "KISS ME" is another beautiful and melodic ballad with rhythms that keep the listener moving. The CD also features a cover of "WHAT'S GOING ON", a powerful unique arrangement by Chris of the classic track by one of his greatest influences, Marvin Gaye.

CHRIS JASPER also brings back the funk he is so well known for including "MAN UP", a powerful funk track with lyrics encouraging the listener to be the best they can be; "BRING IT ON BACK", with its strong R&B & Funk groove is a call to action to "bring back" that great R&B and soul music we all enjoy; and "ROCK THE FOUNDATION", a heavy funk track is sure to shake things up.

CHRIS JASPER lives in New York with his wife of 31 years, Margie, and their three sons, Christopher, Nicholas, and 20-year old recording artist Michael Jasper, the latest addition to the Gold City roster, due to release his brand new CD "Dreams" this year.

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